House Of Thrones ™

"You are a king by your own fireside as much as any monarch in this throne" – Miguel De Cervantes

Sex and the City Apartment….


If Carrie Bradshaw was still on tv, she would be using today’s House of Thrones inspire board as a guideline for what her apartment living room should look like. Set in a monochromatic theme of black, grey and undertones of white, Pantone color 2395 c provides a pop of pink which is in stark contrast to the dark, sophisticated tones of the room. Accented by a beautifully modern leather sofa and some baroque chairs, this furniture is a blend of classic and contemporary, highlighted by the hot pink coffee table. By utilizing textiles in a variety of different patterns, from polka dots to stripes and damask, there is no room for boring in this room. Despite its largely monochromatic palette, these fabrics compliment one another creating a piqued level of interest and dimension with layered textures. The fun pop of pink definitely allows the femininity of the room to shine through, accented by cute patterned dressforms, lipstick lamps and crystal chandeliers.

We would love to know if you were inspired by today’s inspire board…

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