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The Glass Cloche

We don’t know what it is about cloches right now, but we are obsessed… There are so many purposes for these handy little things and we have photos to prove it.


So for those of you who don’t know, a glass cloche is a type of bell jar which was invented by the Italians over 400 years ago. A cloche, which is French for bell, was quickly adopted by the French as a gardening tool, acting as a miniature greenhouse. The glass jar served to protect plants from frost, insects and other harsh elements while speeding up the growth rates of the plants. Originally, only the wealthy could enjoy the benefits of this invention due to the expensive cost of glass. As the cost of manufacturing glass dramatically started to decline, more and more people began to utilize them while re-purposing them as food coverings among other things. Image


See those little knobs on the tops of these glass cloches?


Those knobs were added in an effort to ease the handling and lifting of the cloche. This upgrade backfired however, when gardeners quickly realized that the knobs were actually heightening the intensity of the sun’s rays and in turn burning or severely damaging the plants they were trying to protect. As soon as gardeners discovered this, many of them took hatchets to the knobs to remove them. This is why it is next to impossible these days to find authentic antique glass cloches with their knobs in tact.

Well enough with the history lesson…. Here are some inspirational pics to illustrate how you can utilize these glass cloches for anywhere in your house.

Jewelry Organization


Conversation Pieces




Festive Occasions


Cupcake Protector


Candle Holders





Now we know you have come to love the cloche as much as we do. They can be utilized for almost anything you want to showcase within your home. Plus, it is easy to update the look of them from season to season, so they make perfect additions to any decor scheme.




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