House Of Thrones ™

"You are a king by your own fireside as much as any monarch in this throne" – Miguel De Cervantes

Moody Blues


So today we were feeling a little blue… Well it is Monday after all. So instead of letting our Monday blues beat us, we decided to use them as our muse for our newest inspire board.

Featuring various shades of blue and turquoise and highlighted with a beautiful Ikat print, this inspire board is sure to beat the blues away. We decided to pair a stunningly bold colored accent chair in a modern design with rustic wood pieces that provide that blend of new and old. Highlighted with some gorgeous throw pillows that reinforce the colors of the theme, we added some sea grass baskets to add a natural, organic element to the space. The gorgeous silver arch lamp not only provides great illumination, but also blends contemporary design with a retro feel. Finally, we accented with some white Moroccan inspired vases perfect for lighting some candles in and enjoying the calming serenty of the blue color pallette.

Guess Mondays aren’t that bad after all if they inspire us to come up with things like this…

Thanks for coming by and taking a look. Let us know what you think of our Moody Blues. You can also follow us on twitter @houseofthrones




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