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"You are a king by your own fireside as much as any monarch in this throne" – Miguel De Cervantes

The Great Gatsby

As we are sure you already know by now, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby film was released to theaters this weekend and the world is abuzz. This latest visual masterpiece … Continue reading

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Gatsby the Great

With all the anticipation of the upcoming Great Gatsby film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, House of Thrones wants to show you how you can implement the luxurious styling of the 1920’s … Continue reading

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Hunter & Gatherer

With cottage season just around the corner, House of Thrones has been dreaming up ways to deck out our home away from home in cozy but chic ways. Today, we … Continue reading

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Coastal Living

Influenced by summers near the seashore, House of Throne’s latest inspire board “Coastal Living” takes a nod towards the nautical. Featuring the calming hues of blue, white and beige, this theme is … Continue reading

April 29, 2013 · 1 Comment

Moroccan Moor

Yesterday, we were completely enthralled by the beauty of the Moroccan city Chefchaouen. There is something about Moroccan designs – from the bold colors to the ornate wood carvings to … Continue reading

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Moroccan Muse

Located in the northwest part of Morocco, in the heart of the Rif mountains, comes our latest design inspiration. Chefchaouen, or Chaeouen as is often shortened to by locals, is … Continue reading

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Mellow Yellow

Today’s inspire board is brought to you by the color yellow. Ahhh yellow…the color of sunshine and happiness. While yellow is our primary muse today, we felt a trendy pop … Continue reading

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Moody Blues

So today we were feeling a little blue… Well it is Monday after all. So instead of letting our Monday blues beat us, we decided to use them as our … Continue reading

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The Glass Cloche

We don’t know what it is about cloches right now, but we are obsessed… There are so many purposes for these handy little things and we have photos to prove … Continue reading

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Sex and the City Apartment….

If Carrie Bradshaw was still on tv, she would be using today’s House of Thrones inspire board as a guideline for what her apartment living room should look like. Set … Continue reading

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